I'm on The Verge

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

I didn't set out to get featured on The Verge's front page, but here we are.

I'm on The Verge

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s re-creations of macOS wallpapers look just as good - The Verge

Flight Simulator is a ‘make your own fun’ game and I was looking for interesting things to do while flying around,” Birchler told The Verge. He pointed to this video as inspiration, where a group of photographers scouted and re-created the photos themselves in person. “They basically did the same thing, but in real life.”

Me linking to The Verge is nothing new, but The Verge linking to me…well that's something I didn't see coming! I was really surprised (and delighted) by how much attention my silly photos got last week, but I was not expecting to get on The Verge's radar. My brief conversion with Grayson Blackmon was great, and I'm really happy to see more people get to enjoy the awesome sights of Microsoft's latest Flight Simulator.