Ina Fried’s Vision Pro review

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Ina Fried: Axios Review: Using Apple’s Vision Pro in Real Life

The Vision Pro quickly feels heavy on your face, as others have noted. But using it is also cognitively more complex than just watching TV while doing some work on a phone or laptop.

I spent a lot of time in my review and this entire separate piece describing what I thought was the considerable “heaviness” of using visionOS, and it was good to see another review hot on this as well.

For all of my criticisms of the iPad when it comes to doing heavier work, there’s no denying that doing casual stuff on the iPad is more intuitive and more chill than on PCs. I sold my iPad as a part of my need to pay for the Vision Pro thinking that the Vision Pro would run my iPad apps and take over for the things I used an iPad for, but that simply hasn’t turned out to be the case…I miss having an iPad.

My 11-year-old had no patience for me wearing it, and my partner agreed to watch TV with me wearing it only on the condition that this was the one and only time.

Nearly 2 months in and I’m still more skeptical about headsets like this becoming as normal to wear around other people as AirPods, like many reviewers were surprisingly quick to assume would happen. We’ll see, I guess.