Mini Review: Infinit for iOS

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Infinit is an app designed to easily share files between your devices. Until today, it only existed on the desktop, so I couldn’t make much use of it. However, they released their iOS app today and the service finally makes sense to me. I’ve been testing the app for the last couple months, and it’s a delight. AirDrop is one of my absolute favorite features of the Apple ecosystem, so it pains me how often I have issues with it. Getting a file from my Mac to my iPhone (or vice versa) can eaither be the easiest thing in the world, or it can be a frustrating headache as I try to understand why I can’t AirDrop at a particular moment. Infinit has stepped in to be my reliable solution to this problem. With Infinit, I can send files without issue (even when I’m not on the same WiFi network).

Check out this promo video showing off how it works:

Infinit - Unlimited File Transfer from Infinit on Vimeo.

The app works very well, especially when sending things from your Mac to iOS. I just have two issues with the app thusfar. First off, I find it shocking they don’t have a share extension on iOS. Because of this limitation, you can only send photos from iOS to your other devices. I wish I could send videos, documents, and PDFs to my Mac, but that’s presently not possible[1].

My other qualm is with the fact that you have to accept every file transfer sent your way. I get that this is a good feature to have for files from other people, but I would love the option to have the app always accept transfers from my own devices. This is one of the few points of friction when using Infinit.

Infinit is available for iOS and Android today, and you can download the Mac and Windows apps as well. The apps and service are completely free, so it won’t hurt to give them a try.

  1. Infinit does do a very nice job of handling receiving those types of files from your desktop devices, though.  ↩