Inoreader Lets You Turn Sites Without RSS into Feeds

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read
Inoreader Lets You Turn Sites Without RSS into Feeds

Inoreader just rolled out a new feature called Web Feeds that lets you follow sites that don't have RSS feeds. It's a pretty interesting hack that works inconsistently, but could be put to good use.

The general idea is that you paste a website into your Inoreader account and it says "this site does not have an RSS/JSON feed, would you like to manually follow this site?" If you hit yes, it will scan the site and try to figure out the structure of the page and show you what it thinks are the "posts" you want to track. It will give you up to 3 suggestions and you pick the one you think is correct.

Ironically, so much of the web is good at having RSS feeds that it was hard for me to find a use for this right away. I eventually figured out that the new releases page on Nintendo's eShop was a site I went to somewhat regularly just to see if anything new was there. I was able to save that URL as a web feed and now I'm getting updates as soon as new games are added. It's pretty nice!

Other pages have not been as lucky for me. I tried the Washington Post's front page to no avail, as well as comment threads on MacRumors pages, but neither of those worked at all. It's not magic, and it's certainly not perfect, but it's nice to have a hail mary for those rare cases you want to follow a site that doesn't use a standard feed.

P.S. I should note here that this is currently only available for pro users, which is $5/month. Free users won't have access to this.