Introducing Quick Inflation Calculator

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read
Introducing Quick Inflation Calculator

I’m happy to announce my 2 day project, Quick Inflation Calculator!

I got the idea for this Wednesday night and did about 3 hours of dev work on this seriously MVP site, but I think it’s already better than all the other sites out there for this basic function.

This site was built out of my frustration of there only seeming to be ugly or ad-ridden sites out there for calculating inflation between two years. Here’s a cross section of the top current results for “inflation calculator.”

Look, not all sites have to look hyper modern or anything, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could go somewhere and get this data from a site that looked decent and wasn’t serving up a bunch of ads? Much like with my similar project, Quick BIN Lookup, this new site aims to be the nicest way to get this question answered in a world of not pretty, and sometimes sleazy current options.

I got down this rabbit hole when my dad texted me the receipt for our first computer, a Performa something-or-other from December 1994 and I wanted to know how much that machine cost in 2020 dollars. It turns out it wasn’t cheap, and I wished there was a site like Quick Inflation Calculator that I could have used.

Anyway, this is just a side project and I’ll probably iterate on the UI in the coming weeks to make it a bit nicer, I’ll eventually get a single, small add on there so it can maybe pay for its hosting fees, and I might add stuff that you guys tell me I’m missing, but I want this to be simple, so don’t expect too much more 😊 Let me know on Twitter what you think!