iOS Should Support Variable Fonts

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read
iOS Should Support Variable Fonts

Getting custom fonts onto your iPhone and iPad is still super janky, and apps like iFont still have to use custom profiles to make these work, largely because Apple's official solution is not tennable for how most people acquire fonts.

But I was ready to jump through those hoops and use iFont to install fonts I purchased, only to find that iOS does not support variable fonts, so I had to go old-school and instally each variant of the font rather than the single file that most modern fonts are moving towards in recent years.

Anyway, this is just my annual plea that iOS and iPadOS need:

  1. A better way for me to install legit fonts at the system level.
  2. Support for variable fonts.
  3. A system-level font picker that allows for better, more uniform options across apps. It seems like every app that offers font choices has rolled their own solution because the UI is never the same.