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It’s Simple: Buy Your Music If You Want to Own It

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

I’m going to make a wild prediction: the iTunes Music Store, with its gobs and gobs of DRM-free M4A files isn’t going to go away on Monday, or any time for the foreseeable future.
- Richard Anderson for Sanspoint.

Rich makes a good argument why we needn’t be worried about “the return of DRM in music, MWA HA HA.” If you want total freedom in your music, then you need to buy it. Streaming services are inherently rental services and not owning your music is part of the deal for paying so little.

In addition to making a good point, Rich also alerted me to a new “supergroup” with Franz Ferdinand and Sparks called FFS, and they have their first album coming out in 2 days!