Like Reviewing an iPhone Without Any Apps

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

Like many of you, I spent a good amount of my free time yesterday reading and watching Apple Watch reviews. I am genuinely excited about the product, and was itching to see what people outside of Apple think of it. The reviews are definitely mixed. While the build quality and fitness features are getting unanimous praise, the reviewers were less kind about notification overload as well as the Watch's overall speed. Some are also criticizing the Watch for not having enough functionality yet.

I have not used the Apple Watch myself, so I don't want to presume I know more than those who have actually used one. However, if I could be so bold, I do think that it is a little odd to criticize the Apple Watch's functionality when almost no apps have been updated for it yet. It's like reviewing the iPhone without any apps. Obviously this is unavoidable for a pre-release product, so I don't hold this against any reviewers.

If you're worried about the Apple Watch doing enough to make it worth your money, remember that all the awesome developers who made the amazing apps on your phone are working on Watch apps. The question isn't whether the Apple Watch does enough today, before its release, it's whether Apple is providing developers with the tools to make awesome stuff.