LLMs Are Less Scary the More You Use Them

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Someone posted to Hacker News that GPT 4 is making them question whether they have any value at all as a developer anymore since GPT can write code for you. This comment resonated with me, though:

The more I use GPT, the less I'm worried. It is a tool, and a good one, but not a replacement for the thought required to design an app that will function, scale, and have good UX to result in a marketable product. So use it and enjoy its benefits while letting it help you perform even better.

This is exactly it for me too. A similar example might be an editor who saw spell check and grammar check in Word 20 years ago and lamented, "everyone will just be able to write perfectly without help!"

I've written a bunch about how I find LLMs useful, but these uses are consistently to augment my work, not to replace the need for me entirely.