Yup, You Can Make Money on Android

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Russell Ivanovic (of Pocket Casts fame) on the viability of Android as a platform for developers to make money:

We could argue all day about growth rates, profitability and which platform is ‘winning’ right now. The real thing I pay attention to as a developer is this: can you be profitable on Android? To me the clear answer, with many years of actual revenue flowing into our company is an emphatic ‘Yes’.

As I mentioned on Birch Bark this week, there is a bit of unrest in the Apple app ecosystem right now, and Android is finally maturing into a viable place to not only build a great app, but to make money. I still don't think the apps on Android are as good as iOS, but I wonder what would happen if more of the great iOS devs tried their hands at an Android app.