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Posted by Matt Birchler
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The Value of Using Stock Apps – Chris Hannah

I’ve actually slowly using more stock apps/services recently, such as Reminders, Notes, and Mail. In the past, I’ve used third-party options for all three of these, but I seem to always come back to Apple’s built-in apps.

Chris’s response to yesterday’s article lines up with something I heard a lot from folks on Twitter. There are plenty of people who like the stock apps that come on their phone and while they may enjoy hearing about the new hotness from third parties, they don’t actually use them.

What I love about this conversation is that Chris mentions trying third party apps and always finding himself going back to the stock options. I’m 100% the opposite in that I try the updated stock apps every year when there’s a new version of iOS, and I always find them lacking in some way and wonder how I could live without the amazing third party options out there.

Also, speaking of different experiences,

Syncing – I’m not sure why, but Things didn’t feel like it had reliable syncing for me. But on the other hand, Reminders seems instant.

One of the reasons I use is specifically because of how perfect it’s sync between devices has been for me. I’ve had plenty of times, even on iOS 13 where reminders get out of sync on multiple devices. It’s not an every time thing, it happens enough where I can’t get Reminders on several devices to sync up.