Zelda, Fonts, and Magic (Newsletter #112)

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Happy…late Friday! I've decided that in order to avoid burnout, I need to be more flexible with this newsletter, and this week that means doing a late-Friday edition, which is just more fun anyway, right?!

  • Want to play the original Zelda in your browser? Why not?!
  • Bakewell is a slick font that is just affordable enough that I'm trying to find an excuse to use it somewhere…
  • Coverture is a cool little Mac app for creating animations that you can export as code for the web. Here's a tweet with a preview.

The Videos

My new goal is to figure out how to get my employer to buy this for me too.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed full run is on this channel…it hasn't aged particularly well, but the nostalgia trip here was intense for me.

Are you tired of 75% and 60% keyboards? What about a 300% one?

Watch this if you want to have empathy for what video folks go though to remove echo from their audio tracks.

And why not a little more magic to round it out? David Blane goes to the MKBHD studio to show them some impressive tricks.

The Tweets