The No Apple News Newsletter #114

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

Hello and happy Friday! Short and sweet this week, and I'm sad to say I don't have any new fonts to share 😭 I hope you can forgive me.

  • This is a very specific tool for a very specific need, but I wanted to share in case someone else ever needed it. This simple command line tool will convert your font files into .woff2 files you can use on your website. It even works with variable fonts, which most of the online tools don't seem to do well.
  • Here's a page where you can try out DALL-E 2. Make an A.I. create images for you!
  • I have no idea how good Pixel Point is at what they do, but based on their incredible website, I'm willing to bet they're good.

The Videos

Honestly, it's been basically all WWDC this week for me, so I've only got one interesting video to share!

The Tweets

πŸ‘€ I'll just say I've been doing this format for years