Novelty and the Apple Watch Ultra

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

Last week I posted by review of the Apple Watch Ultra, andI found it was a good pick for more people than just those who climb mountains or go diving.

But I personally didn't prefer it to the Series 7, largely due to a few things:

  • I greatly prefer the curved screen
  • I prefer the smaller size
  • Steel looks better than titanium
  • I prefer not having a crown guard

But here I am after the review, still wearing the Ultra day-to-day. Why?

I think it's simply because it's new and novel. If we'd had the Ultra for years and the Series 8 just came out this year, people would be marveling at how sleek and modern it looks compared to the utilitarian Ultra we were all used to.

And I'm not immune to this either! Even though I logically like my Series 7 more, I am wearing the Ultra right now because it's fresh and exciting. I'm also wearing it because whenever I look at it I think, "I should work out today" which is good for my health.

Which is how I find myself here wearing the Ultra, mostly because it's new. Tech and fashion thrive on "the new" and smart watches straddle both of those worlds, so here we are.