NSShadowcat: A New Apple Blog You Want on Your Radar (sponsor)

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

NSShadowcat is relatively new tech blog created by Mayur Dhaka and it's off to a strong start. At its core, NSShadowcat is a Daring Fireball-style site that links to great content around the web. Recently, Mayur has started to write more original content and I'm very happy to see him go in this direction.

Recently, Mayur tackled Apple's "Let us loop you in" event and commented on the pricing of the iPhone SE in India:

I think the SE is going to be an excellent phone and absolutely crucial to Apple. China is a huge focus for Apple with the SE and I’m sure its price at $580 in India is a tough pill for them to swallow; they must be scrambling to get it down to around $450.

If you're like me, the vast majority of the websites you follow are US-based, and it's refreshing to get impressions from someone on the other side of the globe to help you see things with a little more perspective.

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Oh, and what about that name: NSShadowcat? Just delightfully nerdy!