Ocarina Of Time's underrated dungeon

Posted by Matt Birchler
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Ocarina Of Time's underrated dungeon

Jim Norman: Ocarina Of Time's Deku Tree Dungeon Is Still My All-Time Top Gaming Moment | Nintendo Life

Prior to that very moment, my childhood had been filled with "get down from the top of that tree," "maybe we shouldn't burn things," and "let's not jump into that hole, even if it is just for fun." Now I'm a boring grown-up, I see that these are all sound pieces of advice, but at the time, the leap from the top of the Deku Tree, through that web mesh and into the water below gave me a rush of adrenaline that no Sky Island dive has been able to match.

Ocarina of Time was also one of the first console video games I played, and the Deku Tree was a magical experience for me as well. That game really tapped into something special.