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On the Challenges of Marketing Virtual Reality (sponsor)

My thanks once again to NSShadowcat for sponsoring this month of BirchTree! Like I said last time, this site is absolutely worth your time. Author Mayur Dhaka takes on the tech news with a unique perspective to the tech news of the day.

This week Mayur posted a good piece on the challenges marketers (and reviewers, for that matter) face when trying to present virtual/augmented reality products.

Obviously the message is ‘the Rift experience is jaw-dropping’, but how do you convey that to me across a screen? Show me a simulation of what using the thing might look like in a video? Maybe. But doesn’t watching a 2-D simulation on a screen inherently take away the experience AR/VR is selling in the first place? The best such a video does is make me curious to have a first hand experience.

You should take the time to read the rest of the piece and maybe subscribe while you're there.

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