Only the Good Stuff Today

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Eagle-eyed observers may have noticed a new link in this site's navigation in the past couple days as "The Good Stuff" showed up out of nowhere. I thought I'd take a second and explain what's going on.

Only the Good Stuff Today is a new website I'll be working on as a companion to BirchTree where you'll find a bunch of products I think are great. This is the sort of thing I used to post on BirchTree, but I feel like the focus of this site has shifted away from link posts over the past year and these didn't make sense anymore. With this new website, I will be able to share stuff I'm into without a lot of pomp and circumstance…most posts will be a picture of something cool, a short explanation why it's cool, and link to actually buy that cool thing1.

You can expect 2-3 products listed per day, ranging from gadgets, to apps, to games, movies, and basically anything else that I'm into at the moment. I hope you like it and please follow me the Tumblr or subscribe to the rss feed if you're old school.

  1. Full disclosure, I will be using affiliate links on this site as a way to make a little money. That said, there will be no sponsored content, everything I link to is something I legitimately think is cool.