Removing Unnecessary Things

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Why iOS is Compelling - Initial Charge

iOS’ entire interface paradigm is designed around the idea of removing unnecessary things from the operating system so that the task at hand can be performed with as little resistance as possible.

Similarly, Nilay Patel just bought his mom a Chromebook Pixel and it seems to be a hit.

But the more I thought about buying my mom a new Mac, the more I came to believe it was a terrible idea. New Macs (and new Windows PCs, for that matter) are complicated. They mix interface metaphors with wild abandon, and they're stuffed full of software my parents would never need.

When we talk about iOS being the future and OS X being the past, this is why. Maybe iOS isn't there yet, but the core ideas it is built on are the way forward. I'm so excited about this platform and think this fall's iOS 10 is going to bring great things.