Same Phone Lines, Different Results

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

As of this Spring, these are the flagship phone lines offered by Apple and Samsung:

The two companies have remarkably similar lineups in terms of prices, features, and even names. Both companies have the clear ‘Main” phone, the same thing but bigger, and then the cheaper one with one fewer camera, a slightly worse screen, and basically all the same hardware otherwise.

Yet, the companies have seen very different results in terms of sales for each device. Apple is selling the XR hand-over-fist, with it being their most popular iPhone since it launched. Meanwhile, the S10e is a distant third in popularity of Samsung’s lineup.

If you have any insight into why this might be the case, I’d love to know, but I find it interesting that phone lineups that look strikingly similar can have such different sales results.