By Matt Birchler
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Smart Watches are Made for Goliaths

Serenity Caldwell on smart watch sizing

It just baffles me. Women buy phones. We like technology. And, by and large, we like nice-looking jewelry on our wrists. Yet Apple is the only company that even considered including women in its initial watch marketing.

Even speaking as a man, I don’t like large watches, and all the Android Wear watches I have tried on have been too big. I know this is something that I might get used to over time (hello, iPhone 6 plus), but I shouldn’t have to.

To this day, I get people asking me if I got the smaller Apple Watch. I keep having to tell people, “no, this is the big one.” The impression out there is that smart watches are bulky, and it’s due to the early entrants into the market from Samsung, Motorola, and the like.

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