Do Fitness Bands Have a Place in a Smartwatch World?

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

David Nield on "Why Fitness Bands Will Continue To Thrive In The Smartwatch Era".

Against this rising trend, bands that simply measure steps, heart rate and sleep may seem increasingly irrelevant. But they're not, and here's why.

Smartwatches are really coming into their own. Last year's Moto 360 was a hit with Android nerds and next month's Apple Watch looks like it's going to be the first mainstream success in the category. Speaking as someone who has used a Pebble extensively over the past year, I really think that people are going to have an “a ha” moment when they get their first smartwatch and never want to give them up.

The article makes some legitimate points about how fitness bands may still have the edge in some cases, but I disagree with David in that they will continue to be a success. I predict a similar trend as to what we saw with smartphones completely dismatling the digital camera market. Yes, real cameras have a place, but smartphones are good enough and do a lot more, so people don’t see the need for a camera anymore (even oif people like me still really like them).