The 4 Daily Games I'm Playing Everyday

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read
The 4 Daily Games I'm Playing Everyday

2022 has seen a whole raft of Wordle-style daily games crop up, and while not all of them have stuck, a few are in my daily routine and I'm really enjoying them. I don't share these on social media, but my wife and I do share them in iMessage every single day, and they're a lot of fun.

  1. Wordle is the one that started this whole trend, and it remains a great experience. Also, if you're an NYTimes subscriber, you should also bookmark Wordlebot, which gives you some analytics and analysis of your game.
  2. Heardle has you listen to one second of a song and try to identify it. Then 2 seconds, then 4…up to 16 seconds. Unbelievably fun, especially when you get it with just the very first note.
  3. Framed has you guess the movie from stills taken from the film. You get 6 guesses, and the images go from pretty obscure (like a close up of a clock) to very explicit (the main actor or the most iconic shot).
  4. Actorle is the latest addition, and it takes the 20 top-grossing films from an actor's filmography, shows you the IMDB score, and masks the titles of movies (so The Matrix would be XXX XXXXXX), and you get 8 guesses to figure out who you're looking at.

I'm also on and off with Knotwords, but I find it takes a bit too long to play, so it doesn't scratch that same itch that these games do, so I play it in spurts every few weeks.