The Last Chronological Feed Gets No Love

Posted by Matt Birchler
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The Last Chronological Feed Gets No Love

In a world of abundant content, I think algorithmically-sorted feeds are essential to seeing what's important to you without spending hours of your day scrolling feeds. Of course algorithms can be set to drip feed you the good stuff, but just because something can be done poorly doesn't mean the whole concept is bad.

Regardless, I also follow a lot of sites via RSS, so I also appreciate the desire to just see every last things from the places you really care about exactly in the order they're released. This is why I love YouTube, and I don't understand why people are often upset with YouTube for not showing them the things they follow.

Yes, if you subscribe to channel, there's basically a good chance new videos from those channels won't show on the home page. Whenever I hear people say "YouTube may or may not show you my video in your feed, so hit the bell icon to get notified," what they're actually saying is, "YouTube won't always think my video is exactly what you want when you hit the home page, so get a push notification for my videos."

The YouTube home page is full-algorithm, and shows you things it think's you'll like based on your viewing habits. But you don't have to use the home page, I personally rarely do. The subscriptions page on YouTube is a reverse-chronological feed of every single video from the channels you subscribe to. No algorithm, just what you said you want to see.

Because I use this page 95% of the time, I never miss anything from my favorite channels. Hit the bell? Why, I see everything anyway!

And yet this page seems to get no love. I see articles about escaping the YouTube algorithm or sneaky ways to find the RSS feeds for channels. I get the urge to follow along in your RSS app, and I would love if YouTube made it easier to find those feeds, but I think more people should use the subscriptions page since I so often feel like the complaints I see about YouTube are basically completely solved if people would just bookmark YouTube's subscriptions page rather than the home page.