The Six Colors Report Card

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Apple in 2021: The Six Colors report card

John Siracusa said, “Every new Mac Apple introduced in 2021 was a hit. The new MacBook Pros have rescued that product line after years of decline and dysfunction. The multi-colored 24-inch iMac is a breath of fresh air after nearly two decades of white and gray models. Though the transition is not yet complete, all the new and existing Apple Silicon Macs are great: quiet, cool, reasonably priced, and fast, fast, fast.”

Hard to argue with Mac hardware in 2021: as John says, it was hit after hit after hit.

This graph really stood out to me, too. For a company who very much sees themselves as a group trying to do good in the world, this narrative feels like it’s getting away from them.