The Verge Clearly Hates Apple

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Or maybe they don't. According to Vlad Savov at The Verge, the iPhone X is Apple’s underrated masterpiece.

The iPhone X is the biggest risk Apple has yet taken with its most important product — the most influential single product in consumer electronics history — and what’s striking to me is how casually we’ve all accepted its success. Apple fans and detractors alike both seem to have taken it for granted that the iPhone X would be as good and as well received as it has been.

The Verge seems to have a reputation as being against whatever one individual person likes. If you like Apple, they're Apple haters. If you love Android, they're paid by Apple to say nice things about them.

The truth seems far more simple and way less nefarious: The Verge is a large site with many writers, all with individual opinions. Some of those people like certain companies more than others. While the site has a general voice, their writers have freedom to express their own opinions as well.