There is an Ocean of Possibility Out There for Great Software

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

The Power and Paradox of Bad Software | WIRED

There are big platforms that help people do all kinds of work. But you know what blows them away? Software for making software. The software industry's software is so, so good (not that people don't complain). Just take a look at the modern IDE (integrated development environment), the programs programmers use to program more programs. The biggest are made by tech giants: Xcode (Apple) and Visual Studio (Microsoft) and Android Studio (Google), for example. I love to mock software, and yeah, these programs are huge and sprawling, but when I open these tools I feel like a medieval stonemason dragged into midtown Manhattan and left to stare at the skyscrapers. My mouth hangs open and my chisel falls from my sandstone-roughened hands.

We spend a lot of our time in the consumer (and frankly, enthusiast consumer) space in our corner of the internet, and this article was a good reminder that while there are tons of great apps and services out there today, we’re not even close to being done. It’s not going to get the mainstream excitement or be headline news on tech sites, but if someone could go in and create something amazing for the groups mentioned in the article, there is a fortune awaiting them.