This is the Truth

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

The Verge reporting on Trump's social network launching today:

As of this writing, Truth Social’s website is loading intermittently, but collecting names and email addresses for users who wish to sign up. Notably, the site is not secured through HTTPS, which means any information submitted will be visible to intermediaries on the network. The site also includes a public commitment to open-source principles, a concession from its earlier conflict with the Mastodon project.

I'm not signing up for this network for the same reason I don't sign up for most social networks: I just don't care about it. The only reason I'm writing about it at all is because of their first promo shot on the App Store.

For an app clearly made for people who don't like the idea of social media companies deciding what is true, I find it hilarious that their actual tagline is "follow the truth" 😂