Twitter Flexes Its Power Again, Crushing Free Speech

Posted by Matt Birchler
โ€” 1 min read

Michael Kan: Twitter Disables Retweets, Likes on Posts With Substack Links

Twitter is now blocking users from retweeting, replying and liking tweets that contain a link to news publishing platform Substack, which is preparing its own microblogging service.

Your resident free speech absolutist strikes again!

The Verge has a piece on this as well.

โ€œIt appears that Musk is making decisions based on his own financial interests and petty grievances โ€” even if it makes Twitter objectively worse for users,โ€ Judd Legum, author of Popular Information, a politics-focused newsletter with more than 240,000 subscribers, says in an email to The Verge. โ€œIf this continues, itโ€™s hard to justify continuing to invest my time creating content on Twitter.โ€

Makes me think of an old Simpsons episode where chaos has been going on in a courtroom, someone may have been killed, and Homer utters, "stop, this has gone on just ling enough!"