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What I Expect from the New Apple Watches

What I Expect from the New Apple Watches

Apple's event this coming week is expected to bring new Apple Watch models, and I wanted to get what I'm expecting out there now so I can be a good Apple rumor guy who brags if I get it right and never talk about it again if I get it wrong.

Apple Watch SE

There are strong rumors that a lower end Apple Watch is coming out to take a spot of the now three year old Series 3 model. My expectations are:

  • It will look like a Series 4/5
  • It will not have an always-on display
  • It will start at $249 (I'd be shocked if they hold the $199 price point of the Series 3)
  • It will not have a cellular option
  • No 3D Touch
  • No ECG
  • It will have the same SOC as the Series 4
  • Event recaps will say, "it's basically a renamed Series 4"
  • The think the "SE" name is more popular than ever, and Apple will want to frame this the same as the iPhone SE: a couple years' old design for a great price.

Apple Watch Series 6

The main event, and my predictions are going to be a little more adventurous with this one.

  • Same body shape as the Series 4/5 (not necessarily down to the millimeter, but to the naked eye)
  • No 3D Touch
  • Higher battery capacity, with Apple proudly commenting on how much better it is than last year's model
  • New screen technology that allows them to take the screen even closer to the edges than before
  • An exclusive new watch face
  • A new health sensor, likely a pulse oximeter
  • A new material/finish for at least one of the models (maybe a shiny aluminum)
  • A new color, likely a dark blue/green
  • New watch band style, as well as new colors for the new season
  • Shipping this month (likely Sept. 25), pre-orders as soon as the event is over
  • Same pricing as current models ($399 aluminum, $699 stainless)

These of course are not based on any inside info, just guesses based on rumors and general expectations, so we'll see how close I am in a few days.

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