By Matt Birchler
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What Was the First Thing You Asked ChatGPT?

Stuart A. Thompsonm Tiffany Hsu, and Steven Lee Myers: As Chatbots Spread, Conservatives Dream About a Right-Wing Response

The program has, for instance, written an ode to President Biden, but it has declined to write a similar poem about former President Donald J. Trump, citing a desire for neutrality. ChatGPT also told one user that it was “never morally acceptable” to use a racial slur, even in a hypothetical situation in which doing so could stop a devastating nuclear bomb.

I'm literally laughing at the idea that conservatives are opening up ChatGPT and are like, "okay, let's see when it's okay for me to use the n-word… What?! Not even then?!"

Also not that it really matters, but ChatGPT will write a perfectly nice song about Trump if that's what you want.

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