What's Your Number?

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

From a Hacker News thread on Joe Rogan:

I don't really understand why anyone who claims to be a proponent of a free market economy has an issue with a private corporation deciding what type of content they want to broadcast.

Like any Hacker News thread, there is some good stuff here, but also some inane babble, so be prepared. That said, my two cents is that I think it's very, very funny that The Hero of Free Speech in podcasting signed a massive deal to turn over control over his content to someone else. He was already distributing his podcast on the open web in a way no one could shut him down, but he compromised that freedom for money. I don't blame the guy, and $100+ million is a lot to turn down, so I'm not saying I'd do any different (Spotify, I will sell you this blog for 1% of what you gave Rogan…call me), it's just a fun dichotomy for me as someone who really doesn't care about Spotify of Rogan.