You may have forgotten how insanely incoherent that bozo was…

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Amanda Marcotte: Trump Is Degenerating Before Our Eyes — MAGA Voters Don't Notice or Don't Care

Around lunchtime on Monday, all three cable news networks cut to Trump awkwardly accepting the Supreme Court nullifying the 14th Amendment on his behalf. After a few semi-coherent, if gross, remarks about how he was "honored" by the ruling, Trump launched straight into a stream of paranoid jabber more appropriate for someone having a psychiatric episode on a city bus than for a major presidential candidate.


Hard as it may be to believe, this lunchtime perfomance was less of a sundowning moment than his speech in Virginia on Saturday night. Trump repeatedly forgot what he was talking about, despite the Teleprompter, even drifting off at one point into literal babble.

We deserve better choices for president, but I really think people need to hear Donald Trump talk again to really appreciate how demented his ramblings are. He’s delusional, he’s patently unfit for office, and it’s a remarkably sad state of affairs on the Republican side that they not only failed to find a better leader in the last 4 years, they actually seem to like this hateful blowhard in obvious decline.

Anyway, we need a blow out in November.