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24 Hour Coding Project: Crypto Board

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

Every once in a while I like to build something quickly and just kick it out the door as fast as possible. This has previously lead to things like Quick BIN Lookup and App Bottlerocket coming into being.

Yesterday I did the same thing and have created Crypto Board which simply shows the current values (compared to USD) of many of the top cryptocurrencies. The data is coming from CryptoCompare, who has a lot of real time data. They have more data than me, but mine looks nicer.

Since this was started less than 24 hours ago, there are not a ton of features. Currently I only have historical data for Bitcoin, so you can see the last 30 days of data, and I'm working on adding a good way to refresh the data so you can just leave this page in a window and let it keep you up to date. This page will become more useful, but I wasn't able to get everything in there in 24 hours, so consider this a public beta of sorts.

I hope you like it!