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Off to Register Myself with the Florida Government

A Real Bunch of Jokers

Don't Miss Out on Your Golden Trump Award

Who Needs a Peer Review?!

Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children?!

Winking at the Camera

The Respect for Marriage Act

Voting for…

You Can Keep Your Principles, I Want Power

The Privacy Angle

40 Years of Diminishing Confidence

A Bit Too Much Liberty, Apparently

They Were Never Okay with You Existing

An Unusually Unified Front

Good Lord

Social Media Safe Spaces

It's Almost Like it's All Pandering to an Audience

Speaking of Places I Don’t Normally Link

Today is a Good Day

Attacking the Core of America

The Right Needs to Change

Remember Today

What Did We Just Watch?

Running Out of Campaign Funds Right Before the Finish Line

Running Out of Campaign Funds Right Before the Finish Line

How to Prevent Riots

How to Prevent Riots

The Strange Data Behind How We Vote

The Strange Data Behind How We Vote

Forgetting Your Dark Past vs Celebrating It

There is Nothing Else, There is no Policy

It’s About Reigning In Spending, Right?

Lift Your Head Out of the River

Cowardice or Complicity?

If You Want Republicans to Win, Get Rid of Trump

Step One is Replacing the Captain

Maybe Now's Not the Time for a Culture War

The Low Stakes President

Privacy as I Say, Not as I Do


For the Record: Things Donald Trump was Elected to Do

Why it's Hard to Have Sympathy for Republicans Who Don't Like Trump

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