A blog without a website

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read is a blog that only exists in RSS form. There is a home page, but that’s it. There aren’t any permalinks and you can’t link to a web page at all. It’s weird and it’s wild and I kinda love it, even if I think it’s impractical. The big issue for me as a fellow blogger is there are no links for me to link to if he writes something else I want to share in the future, and selfishly for my reading style, I can’t save these to read-later services. Omnivore kinda worked, but Readwise Reader and Matter thought I was trying to save my Inoreader login page.

It’s the brain child of Chris McLeod, who writes about the thinking behind it on his main blog if you were curious to learn more. I’m subscribed and look forward to seeing what Chris does with it.