A Celebration of iOS’s Unbelievable Software Library

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

From iOS To Android And Back Again - Greg Morris

Apps from the same developer often work different, look different or are missing functions (even Googles) on Android. Which is a huge shame given the open nature of the platform. Sure you can ‘do anything’ with your device, but the quality of software to go with it is still lacking in broad terms – and this becomes apparent very quickly when switching.

Greg totally nails it here. Android 100% allows the potential to do more than they can on iOS, but I can also say that “potential” does not come even close to manifesting in actually better or more powerful software. You can link to all the themes, icon packs, and system tweaks you want, but software that actually helps people get work done either does not exist or is worse on Android.

This is a drum I bang time and time again, I know, but I think that in 2019 it's as true as it's ever been. It's also not something I mean to bash Android with, it's more to say that iOS's ecosystem is so incredibly good, and all platforms, even macOS and Windows wish the amount of quality software for them could match what iOS has at its fingertips.