A Non-Techie Problem with the Apple Watch

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

My wife got her first Apple Watch last month, and I naturally ask her once in a while how she likes it. She likes it overall, but one thing that bothers her has nothing to do with the software or even the hardware of the watch itself. No, it’s the watch bands.

She has the gold model because she thinks it looks the best, but after the initial delight in the watch, she started looking for additional bands. She was super excited about all the options out there, but was quickly discouraged by the fact that, “none of them work for my watch.”

“What do you mean? Any of the 38mm bands should work,” I replied.

“None of them have gold on them. They mismatch with my watch,” she replied.

And you know what, she’s absolutely right! Most of the Apple bands have silver connectors, and the rest have a variant of space gray. No worries, I thought, get the sport bands so the connector is a totally different color! But that also has the issue where the metal on the back side is silver. It turns out this is the case with all their bands.

I never considered this as a major opportunity for Apple, but it’s turned into a big holdup for my wife. She’s bought a couple off-band bands so far and will see if she can tolerate the dispatching metals, but she’s definitely a bit put off by this. The band she got with the watch has a gold accent, but if she has to buy the same band again, the one Apple sells is silver.

Her request: Apple should let you choose any color metal to have on each watch band. Logistically, this seems insane (120 watch bands today1 and 7 total Series 3 colors = 840 combinations), but maybe Apple should offer just a couple bands with a gold accent option as well. There are 9 bands with dark metal pieces, so maybe Apple should give people with the gold watch a couple options as well.

  1. 60 styles, each with 38mm and 42mm sizes.