A Quick Note on Bitcoin

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Bitcoin Is Ridiculous. Blockchain Is Dangerous - Bloomberg

That all of this adds up to money is ridiculous, and we should probably mock it more than we do. Consider Bitcoin a grand middle finger. It’s a prank, almost a parody of the global financial system, that turned into a bubble.

Still, I can’t help but look on in envy. Not for the believers’ possible wealth, because that will elude most. (Even in a distributed money platform, wealth has a way of finding only a few pockets.) I’m jealous that they’ll experience it all: the crash, the rejection, and then the slow rebuild as they learn the difference between toys and tools. They get to participate in the screaming edge of culture.

This is about how I feel about cryptocurrencies right now too. I had fun with it for a few months last year (the good months, thankfully) and I haven’t really looked back since. It’s a volitile and confusing mess, but it’s definitely exciting and could be a huge thing down the line. It’s just not something I feel like I need to be invested in right now.