A Quick Update on BirchTree

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

I’ve been producing less content for the site over the last few weeks, and I thought that deserved a quick explanation. I’m still working on creating the best content I can, but that work has shifted recently from generating daily articles about tech towards more long-term projects that don’t see the light of day for quite some time.

Today Weather

This project is what’s eating up the most of my time by a wide margin. Today Weather is a weather website that has a few key goals:

  1. Be the easiest to use weather site you’ve ever visited
  2. Give just the weather and no extra bullshit (ahem,
  3. Be the best-looking weather site you’ve seen

Today Weather is coming along nicely in all these areas, and I have to thank everyone who has been beta-testing the site and providing feedback. I plan to officially launch the site in August, so keep your eyes peeled for this, I think you’re going to love it.

Here’s a quick sneak peek:

watchOS 3 Review

While many in our community are eagerly awaiting Federico Viticci’s epic iOS 10 review, I’m hard at work on my watchOS 3 review. Don’t expect a 40,000 word epic from me, but I do expect to have something relatively grand to share this September when watchOS 3 ships and that means working on it now, not just a few days before the launch.

Only the Good Stuff Today

And finally, I have a new side project you can enjoy right now called Only the Good Stuff Today. This site is a very simple side project where I plan to share my favorite products from the worlds of tech, video games, books, and more. I announced this site on Friday and it’s off to a good start, so please feel free to follow if you want to see some cool stuff in your timeline every day.

It's always weird when you're working harder than ever but you have less to show for it up front. Keep an eye out for all this new stuff coming soon!