A Solo, Daily, Non-News Podcast is Probably a Bad Idea, but I Love It

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

You don’t have to be an eagle-eyed observer to notice that I have begun daily podcasting over the past few weeks. I’ve done 15 episodes over the past 30 days1, and 6 over the past 6 business days. Each episode has nearly zero planning and I record around 7AM before I go to work.

This is a stupid thing to to, but I love it.

There is no way I can maintain a daily podcast forever, this ride is going to end eventually. Accepting that, I have to wonder if it’s going to be in 5 years or 5 days. Will I run out of things to talk about? Will people get bored and tune out? Will I just lose interest? Having posted to this site nearly everyday for the past 7 years, I very much doubt I’ll run out of things to talk about, but the other 2 things are definitely going to happen, and it’s just a matter of when.

I’ve done things to make it plausible that I keep going longer, though. As you know, I do short episodes, usually 4-6 minutes. This means I can talk about something substantial if needed, but I can also talk about tiny little things without dragging it out for more than the thought is worth.

I’m also doing minimal editing on these shows. A 5 minute show was probably 6 minutes of recording time. I don’t really edit for content, I just edit out “ums” and awkward gaps in my delivery. What you hear is just my thoughts in almost real time; they’re just cleaned up to make me sound sharp.

Speaking of editing, I’m talking in a Blue Yeti, which is plugged into an iPad running Ferrite. I record into the app and edit it all in one shot. It takes about 10 minutes to edit the average show, and another 5 minutes to post it to Libsyn and this site.

All those strategies aside, I’m doing this because I’m really into podcasting right now. Subscribers are up and I enjoy doing it more and more every episode. Right now it feels like the right thing to do and I’m following this thread to see where it goes. If you already listen to the show then I want you to know I really appreciate it. If you don’t listen yet, subscribe here and I hope you enjoy it.

  1. The previous 15 episodes were published over 4 months.