By Matt Birchler
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Sling TV adds AMC to It's Lineup

Dish announced that they are adding AMC to their Sling TV service "Soon".

Dish’s Sling TV, the low-cost cable-TV-on-the-Web experiment, just got a little more interesting: The service is adding the AMC network, the channel that delivers cable hits like “Mad Men” and the “Walking Dead.”

I just got my invite to Sling TV a few days ago and have been mostly impressed with the brand new service. Adding AMC to the mix just makes it a better deal. The most exciting thing about this is that even this early in Sling's life, they're already adding channels. I'd be more concerned if they were not adding anything, or worse, removing channels that no longer thought it was worth being a part of the service.

AMC is a part of Sling TV's basic service package, so you don't have to pay more to get it.

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