Android Apps on Windows are a Match Made in Hell

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

Will Sattelberg: Android apps on Windows 11 review: Not like this

You can fill all of these absences elsewhere on Windows 11. Many of these titles have versions on Steam or the web β€” you don't need the Android version of Among Us to play on Windows. The same goes for those missing apps, from Google services to social networks to recipe apps and smart home controls. It's not hard to access Gmail these days, even if it's not in a dedicated app, and that all begs the question: why does this service even exist?

I'm not sure what problem Android apps on Windows are solving. As Will says, most of the experiences you can get from the Amazon App Store for Windows already have good ways to experience them already.

iOS apps on macOS aren't great, and it's sad to hear that Android apps seem even worse on Windows.