Apparently I Handle Apple Watch Notifications Like Hey Handles Email

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

One Thing About The Apple Watch

From the first time I put on my Apple Watch I don’t think my phone has been switched off silent. The Apple Watch allows me to be notified about what I want to show up, but with a subtle tap on the wrist. No buzzing, no dings and much less stress. I can often action it right then and there, without even needing to pick up my phone — I am actually getting comfortable answering the odd phone call from the Apple Watch too.

I know some people who have stopped wearing their Apple Watch because they feel more relaxed when they take it off. If that’s you, I certainly can’t say you’re wrong.

But like Greg I find it much easier to manage my notifications, and specifically know when the important things come in, when I’m wearing the watch.

Not to make everything about Hey, but one of the things this made me realize is that I treat my iPhone notifications basically like emails in Hey. There’s the Imbox, which are the things I want to know about right away, and those are all set up to be delivered to my Watch. Then there is everything else, the stuff I want to get but I don’t need to know about in real time, and those go to my iPhone on silent; or in Hey terms, The Feed. I check in on them when I want, and they can be interesting, but if I miss them, then it’s not the end of the world.