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Apple Trying to Get MacBook Down to $999. Maybe They Should also Try One with iOS.

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Apple Said to Release New Entry-Level 13-inch MacBook This Year, Likely Replacing MacBook Air - Mac Rumors

Apple's next entry-level MacBook will likely replace the 13-inch MacBook Air, Apple's lowest-cost notebook starting at $999. Apple's long-term aim was for the 12-inch MacBook to replace the MacBook Air, which was introduced in 2008, but sales of the Air have remained strong mainly thanks to its affordability.

It’s really all about price points here, and Apple should do whatever they need to do to make a MacBook that starts at $999 so they can kill the Air lineup. The MacBook is everything most people need in a computer, but the $1,299 entry price makes it tougher to swallow for many people. And that MacBook Air screen needs to go away…like right now!

As I said last night, Apple should also make a version of this new MacBook at runs iOS and see what the separation is in sales. I’d be incredibly curious to see is a MacBook with a 13 inch screen and keyboard would sell better running iOS or macOS. My guess is the Mac one would sell better, but not by much. If they made the Mac version $999 and the iOS version $899 (with touch screen and no trackpad) I think that genuinely could change the narrative and get a lot of iOS devices into the market.