Apple Watch Isn't a "Real Watch", It's Something Better

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

"Sure, CDs sound more accurate than vinyl, but vinyl is more romantic and has a warmer sound than your digital music." "MP3s are convenient and easy, but CDs sound better. Real music lovers will stick with plastic."

"Streaming services are an amazing value, but don't you want to own your music?"

"Ebooks are messy and their readers are clunky. Also, don't you just love the smell of a new book?"

"You really think a computer company is just going to walk into the cell phone business and succeed? We think we know what people want, and it's not a $700 touch screen."

"An electric engine? We've used gas for a century because it works! Electric cars are impractical, slow, and no fun to drive."

"Apple will get young people used to wearing a watch and later maybe they will want to buy themselves a real watch."

These are just a few examples of arguments people have made to defend an older market when technology comes along to make it better. Defenders of the old ways always cite intangibles as their main arguments. They assure us that the old thing feels better. Or maybe it is better because of its flaws. They also have the tendency to get hung up on temporary technological shortcomings. They criticized the original iPad for being slow compared to a laptop. Today, an iPad Air 2 will go toe-to-toe with most laptops on just about any task. They still go after electric cars for their battery limitations, most of which will be ironed out in the coming years.

I'm a pretty progressive guy for most things, and I'm really bullish on tech taking over many old school tasks. I'm also one of the few twenty-somethings who wears a traditional wristwatch everyday, and I do pine after some of those fancy $20,000+ watches I see in magazines that I will never own. But I'll say this: as soon as my Apple Watch arrives on April 24, I'm (probably) never going to wear a "real watch" again. Just spending a few months with a Pebble convinced me of the value of a smart watch. It still somewhat pains me that my watch only shows me the time.