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When to Tell Someone You Hate a Movie/Book/Game/Show They Love

Identifying Bias in Yourself and Others

The End of the Headphone Jack is Not the Start of Proprietary Headphones

Can You Get a Genie Back in the Bottle?

The Future of iOS is not OS X

Tempering the Free App Outrage

The Days of Physical Keyboards are Numbered

Let's Stop Calling Them "Smartphone Cameras"

Ad Blocking is the New Pop Up Blocking

Why Retail May be Moving Away from Truly Insane Black Friday Hours

Why I’m Okay with Putting My Podcast on Google Play Music

Wake Up and Do the Work

YouTube Red: Should You Pay for It?

Better than a "Real Computer"

Free Podcast Apps Are Nothing New

The Tech That Runs My Life

Why the PS4's New $349 Price Ensures Sony will Win the Holiday Season

Microsoft Releases a Faster Horse

Evernote's Current Dip

Data is Square (or Why Round Smart Watches are Just a Fad)

I Don't Think Your Review is Very Accurate

I Didn't Know I Wanted to Block Ads Until I Found Your Site

Explaining our tech obsessions to non-tech people

Don't Hate the Real People Who Work at Your Least Favorite Company

No, the Law Isn't Optional

A Quick Thought on Yesterday's Monumental SCOTUS Decision

Reintroducing Myself to Android

Life with a 16GB iPhone (Not Great, Bob!)

Is HoloLens Really Microsoft's Vision of the Future?

There Has Never Been One Best iPhone Size for Everybody

Samsung Finally Made Another Great Phone

Tidal's Terrible Messaging and Gloomy Future

How Many Great Android-exclusive Apps Are There?

Apple Watch Isn't a "Real Watch", It's Something Better

First Impressions of Nintendo's Move Towards Mobile

Who Will Think Highly of You?

Do Fitness Bands Have a Place in a Smartwatch World?

The Order 1886: Why Won't You Let Me Love You?

Apple Doesn't "Get" Fashion, and Maybe That's a Good Thing

You Probably Want to Skip MLB The Show 15

Why We Need to Take Playstation Now Seriously

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