Blowing a 10 Year Lead

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Google blew a ten-year lead - Second Breakfast

In 2010, I predicted that by 2020 Chrome OS would be the most popular desktop OS in the world. It was fast, lightweight, and $0.


Then something happened at Google. I’m not sure what. But they stopped innovating on cloud software.
Docs and Sheets haven’t changed in a decade. Google Drive remains impossible to navigate. Sharing is complicated. Sheets freezes up. I can’t easily interact with a Sheets API (I’ve tried!). Docs still shows page breaks by default! WTF!

I sympathize with all this this. Google undeniably has the best search and map data, and their Photos library is excellent, but I struggle to find a place for them elsewhere in my life lately. Apple continues to thrive in hardware and core services, while Microsoft excels at productivity and cloud storage, and new services like Hey have token me away from Gmail (the first time in 16 years Gmail hasn't been my main email service).

I think the Apple nerd community is harder on Google than they need to be, but I have to admit that over the last couple years, Google hasn't done much to get me to switch to their services, I'm slowly but surely switching away to what I find to be better solutions elsewhere.