Chaos Theory and iOS 13

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Ulysses blog

Let me have a word or two on iOS 13, especially the way it was released to the public, and what this means for developers: It’s a mess. It was a moving target from WWDC up to release, down to 13.1, and it’s still moving.

As a result, our own release is a bit of a mess too. Ulysses 18 was supposed to coincide with the new OSes, but Apple’s iOS releases were suddenly split in two, then pushed forward, then followed by a .1 update which should have been .0

Ulysses is one of my favorite apps across all platforms it exists, so this release is inherently exciting for me, but the above note in their blog post is very interesting. The "moving target" nature of iOS and iPadOS 13 isn't something I've had to deal with much, but it sounds like it's been a real pain for devs this year.