Dark Noise 2 is Out Today

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read
Dark Noise 2 is Out Today

White noise apps are but usually that nice, so when Dark Noise hit the scene last year, I was immediately struck by it. Great design, great options, and a reasonable one-time cost. I’ve been using it ever since and it’s been really nice when working from home.

Today is exciting because Dark Sky 2.0 is out and it’s a solid update to the app that I already enjoy a ton. Oh, and it’s a free update for all existing customers.

The features that stand out to me are:

  • Create Mix: combine multiple noises together (complete with different volume levels for each sound)
  • iCloud Sync: so your favorites and combinations sync between devices
  • 8 New Sounds: I’m particularly interested in Space Deck and Rain on Tent

There’s more in there, but I haven’t dug into it much yet. This isn’t a review, and I’ll write one of those if there is anything extra surprising here (good or bad), but it’s safe to say Dark Noise is the only app I recommend for this today, and this update looks to just make that experience better.

You can check out Dark Noise on the App Store.